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Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Referees Department organised a Referee Fitness Instructors Seminar that concluded on Friday.

Ten fitness instructors - four of whom are FIFA fitness instructors - attended the seminar in the Malaysian capital with the aim to update the participants with the latest teaching materials, fitness data and results, and enhance their knowledge on fitness training and referees evaluation.

The four-day seminar was also meant to motivate the participants to self-improve and instigate constant research on the latest scientific findings and best practices in the field of fitness. Potential candidates were identified with the prospect of advancing to a higher level to increase the pool of AFC referees fitness instructors.

With the help of the AFC Sports Medicine Department, there were theoretical and practical CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) sessions conducted by the Red Crescent as it is one of the skills needed as a referee instructor.

A practise session on the fitness test was held at the Panasonic Stadium and Sports Planet Complex for the instructors on how the test will be conducted. There were also classroom sessions that provided an opportunity for the participants to share their personal experiences, case studies and findings with one another.

Head of the Fitness and Research Department of the Italian Football Referees Association Dr. Carlo Castagna was one of the guest speakers who touched on match demands and physical abilities of referees, training for excellence, training load control and injury prevention.

With the skill and knowledge intact, the instructors will lay the groundwork to further develop and train referees in their respective countries and regions.

Photo: AFC