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Kuala Lumpur: Refereeing development in Asia continues to progress as 41 football and 21 futsal referees gather in Malaysia on Tuesday for the 2017 AFC Referees Recruitment courses happening concurrently.

As the earliest phase of the path leading to the AFC Elite Panel, the three-day course aims to evaluate referees on their technical knowledge and physical condition to officiate high-level matches, with classroom lectures to update the referees on the latest Laws of the Game amendments followed by an interactive practical evaluation and quiz.

The participants’ fitness level will be assessed in an official test on the following day. Refereeing know-how will be examined through the analysis of actual match situations, as well as their English and report writing skills.

In line with the AFC Vision and Mission of increasing the number of referees at the world-class level, the referees will also go through a mental preparation session and be reminded on the high demands of their role.

Successful participants shall continue their journey into becoming AFC Elite Referees with the assessment of two matches at the top national level and, finally, their attendance at the 2018 AFC Elite Referees Selection Course.

Photo: AFC