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Dushanbe: Representatives from clubs playing in the Tajik League participated this week in workshops under the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) League Development Programme in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe. Wednesday’s topic was media and communications.

The event was opened by Director General of the national league Alisher Urunov. He welcomed the participants and thanked the AFC for the initiative to offer training in specific activity areas.

Media officers and other media professionals discussed communications, PR and media operations in the specialised workshop aiming to help participants take their communications skills to the next level for the benefit of league and club development. With communications and PR offering support to marketing and revenue generation, the benefits of the training were potentially far reaching for the clubs.

The AFC club licensing regulations were introduced in 2015 under the AFC League Development Programme. The regulations require clubs to have a dedicated media officer. With the clubs in the Tajik League having appointed these staff members, the AFC media and communications workshop offered them the opportunity to learn about the role and tasks of a media officer in AFC competitions.

The participants had impassioned discussions about issues such as social media, media relations and media operations. The question of resources and staffing was also discussed.

The second part of the day’s activities included the AFC representatives visiting the National Stadium in Dushanbe and national, 24-hour sport TV station TV Varzish. Further development opportunities in broadcasting, including staff training, were discussed, and the AFC will investigate these suggestions further.