Q: What is the AFC “Independent Head of Integrity”?

A: The AFC Independent Head of Integrity is a new position created outside the AFC to gather information on wrongdoing in football. The person must be completely independent of AFC and have a very high ethical, personal and professional reputation.


Q: What will the Independent Head of Integrity actually do?

A: The Independent Head of Integrity will receive information about wrongdoing in AFC activities or competitions. The Independent Head of Integrity will then have to assess the information – where there is enough evidence, an investigation can be started. The precise role is described in the new AFC “Do the Right Thing” Policy.


Q: What is the AFC “Do The Right Thing” Policy?

A: The AFC Do the Right Thing Policy is what other industries call a Whistleblower Policy.  It is a way for people to be able to provide information on wrongdoing without being afraid. At the moment, many people have information on wrongdoing in football but are too afraid to report this information – so they either go to the media, or, more likely, stay silent. The AFC is trying to break that cycle. 


Q: When will the Independent Head of Integrity start?

A: The Policy comes into force on 1 June 2017. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2017, after which the AFC Governance Task Force will assess the various applications and recommend the best candidate(s).  The AFC Congress on 8 May 2017 will then meet and approve the best candidate so that work can begin in June. 


Q: What will be different to the past?

A: To begin with, in the past AFC never had a whistleblower policy of any kind. The AFC has developed this policy through intensive consultation with many different bodies across the world, such as the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, ICSS/SIGA, Interpol, Transparency International and with the support of Sportradar. Therefore the policy contains best practices such as genuine protection for football-lovers, and the AFC has committed to change its regulations to reflect this.


Q: How can an individual or organization apply to become Independent Head of Integrity?

A: Any interested person or entity should contact alex.phillips@the-afc.com to receive further information.


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