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Kuala Lumpur: An Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Futsal Elite Coaching Instructors’ seminar has begun in the Malaysian capital.

The seminar is the first collaborative futsal instructors workshop, bringing together 31 participants from the AFC Futsal Elite, Goalkeeping and Fitness Instructor’s panels to further enhance futsal development throughout the AFC’s Member Associations.

AFC General Secretary Dato’ Windsor John, who opened the seminar, said: “The AFC is starting to see results of its development efforts across the continent, with dynamic matches and increased competitiveness between Asian teams. Asian futsal is boosted with development seminar such as this with the emphasis on coaching, as it is an important part of development and the AFC is working hard to improve the game in Asia.

“The Member Associations play an important part in creating interest and lifting the image of futsal, therefore, increasing the number of knowledgeable and experienced instructors is vital.”

The four-day course will see the participants taking part in classroom sessions and practical exercises, as well as daily group presentations.

The seminar will be delivered by FIFA instructor Victor Hermans who will discuss the importance of the coaching personnel, integrated training and futsal technical and tactical strategies, as well as by UEFA goalkeeper instructor Cesar Arcones of Spain presenting on the methodology of specific futsal goalkeeper training. CONMEBOL Fitness Instructor Eleney Milo and AFC Fitness Instructor Dr. Parnow will touch on futsal fitness.

On the first day, theoretical presentations were given on the importance of the coaching personnel shared by FIFA Coaching Instructor Victor Hermans, then UEFA Goalkeeper Instructor Cesar Arcones presented on the figure of futsal goalkeeping and the topic of futsal fitness by the AFC and CONMEBOL Fitness Instructors, Dr Parnow and Eliney Silva Melo respectively. The seminar will also be touching on the methodology of specific futsal goalkeeper training and an analysis on the FIFA Futsal World Cup Colombia 2016.

Photo: AFC