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Kuala Lumpur: The AFC Coach Education Panel Meeting convened for their fifth meeting in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

AFC Technical Director Andy Roxburgh, who led the meeting said: “Our aim is to develop the game and to improve standards of coaching, and consequently football.

“Coaches are the red thread linking all facets of the game, whether at grassroots or the elite level."

The panel began their discussion on the AFC Coaching Convention, deliberating on the key issues and priorities of the programme.

In essence, the Convention is an endorsement tool which provides regulations and guidelines as the minimum standards in coach education to protect and develop the game, coaches and players.

It serves as an agreement between the AFC and its Member Associations (MAs) on the coach education rules and methods. The Coach Education Panel will lead, monitor, evaluate and support the MAs in this endeavour.

MAs will be able to apply for the programme in the near future. Thereafter the panel will then assign panel members to assess the MAs coach education programme, before the endorsement is granted.

The future of Asian football will, to a great extent, be in the hands of the technicians and their education is crucial to both the AFC and its MAs.

Photos: AFC