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Kuala Lumpur: The AFC Fitness Coaching Tutors' Course concluded in the Malaysian capital city on Friday.

The four-day course was attended by 48 participants which included AFC Fitness Coaching Tutors and Member Associations’ (MA) representatives.

It was tasked with providing a further education opportunity for fitness coaching tutors and coaches as well as to discuss football developments in sports science and exchange ideas on the training of fitness coaching.

AFC Technical Director Andy Roxburgh touched on the future of fitness training in football with an opened-ended poser: To what extent will sports science influence the future of football?

"The ability to communicate in football language and be diplomatic about it is important when it comes to sports science." said Roxburgh.

Magni Mohr, the guest fitness tutor, also highlighted on the future of sports science and on the course outlook itself.

"It is important we do not forget about the natural coaching instincts that coaches have. The biggest challenge is to ensure what is real information and real scientific approaches and what is business driven," said Mohr.

"It has been a good course and we have covered some of the key elements. The group has grown throughout the duration of the course with many representations from many countries.

"With the course under their belt, this group of tutors will be better equipped ito promote fitness training as part of the coaching process." he added.

Mark Sean Jones, an AFC Fitness Coaching Tutor said: "We are accountable for everything we do these days, so it is important that we grasp the context of this course.

“Roxburgh's extensive experience in the game is amazing, his knowledge in the game in general was insightful. Mohr's revision and additional information especially on fitness trends was good and it is something we can share back to our MAs."

"I have been to many courses in Europe and this course was very specific for football in fitness,” said Girgirs Kalim Assaf from Lebanon.

"The high level of information and the practical approaches on the field were very useful. It was not only theoretical, hence we get to see the techniques applied on the pitch. Mohr and Roxburgh's level of instructions was very insightful.”

Photo: AFC